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• CAMPClasses for kids
• Workshops for teens & adults
• The Summer ART Buffet
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Tap-to-call (mobile) the number below to contact Dennas, Firstlight's director & founder or text 615-202-6426:

Here is the overview of our summer offerings for 2014. Click the headings to see an in-depth page with lots more details.

Our Summer program is June 9 to August 1

1. CAMPClasses for kids. We have LOTS of camps for ages 4 up to age 14. Each camp is 2 and a half hours in the mornings for 5 weekdays all in one week. We call it a "CAMPClass" because we only have 12 students maximum in each camp with up to two adults in the younger classes. Unlike a large activity group, this makes for a very fun summertime experience with a ton of personal instruction. Click the link to see the lineup of CAMPClasses and schedules. Please call or text Dennas for availability. prices range from $140 - $160

Special Full-day Deal: Combine your morning CAMPClass with a week of the afternoon Summer ART Buffet to have a full day of art - with a discount. Bring a sack lunch and watch animation shorts or play games from 12-1. Then the Summer ART Buffet is from 1-3:30. The whole day is from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. Price is $130 to add the Summer ART Buffet to your CAMPClass for all 5 days. (savings of $20 on tickets) You can add this at the CAMPClass page. Reservations are encouraged to ensure a spot.

2. Our popular Summer ART Buffet, is a customized drop-in art class. Not only do you get to choose your own project, but you also make your own schedule, coming on whatever days you choose. The Summer ART Buffet is great for both kids and adults. We have it every weekday afternoon for 2 1/2 hours from 1 - 3:30 pm. There are 3 groups:
1. [Ages 6-9] A structured lesson for ages 6-9 which includes supplies
2. [Ages 8-12] Individualized lessons for ages 8-12, and
3. [Ages 13 & up/adults] Individualized lessons for teens through adults.

Pricing for the Buffet:
• $30 for one session or
• Buy a six pack for $160 (savings of $20).
If you need supplies for the individualized lessons, add $5 per day for basic supplies. canvases are extra. The $5 supplies fee for 8-12, or teen & adult, includes one 3-D project and all the papers, tools and paint you need for several more 2-D projects.
Reservations are encouraged, and can be made the morning of the day you'd like to attend. Purchase tickets (will-call) at the Buffet page

Please note that the first 20-30 minutes will entail orientation and lesson planning for each student, and we are set up for a 2-hour lesson. Please be patient while the teacher works to get everyone started. Thanks!

3. Our specialized in-depth Workshops for teens and adults. We have 4 different workshops that are 10 hours each. See the Workshop page for schedule & details.
- Perspective for artists
- Trees

- Portraits
- Figure drawing.