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In-Depth Look

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Ages 10 and up

Overview: - First year cartooning covers the basics. Students learn how to develop characters, create strong images, backgrounds, draw from reference material, and make a short comic book.
1 & 1/2 HOURS

Learn how to develop characters, give them varied expressions, create story-lines and put it all together in comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels. Cartooning is unusual, in that it's more fun - we do crazy drawings and try to be humorous, but it's also more technical at times than other courses. We work on story-lines, and we learn inking and other techniques, using the same kinds of materials that the professionals do. Every class begins with a list of "stuff of the day" that teach expresssions, objects, writing, character types and something we call "keysigns".

This class is for kids who love to draw cartoons.They may be talented "beginners" or they may have been in some of our traditional art courses.Either way, the instruction is foundational for becoming the kind of artists who can enjoy their own work as well as continue developing their skills. We begin the year with an emphasis on character development, then move to face drawing skills and expressions. Later, we will explore viewpoints, lettering techniques, and we touch on some perspective drawing skills. Personal style is not taught, but rather encouraged. We don't call any of our work a "mistake", but instead refer to work as "learners" or "keepers".

Supplies needed:

Art supplies are available from Firstlight

  1. Sketch pad 9x12 Spiral bound/100pgs

  2. Trace pad 9x12

  3. drafting tape

  4. brushes. Short, synthetic brushes in round and flat for acrylic use. Try to get several sizes from very small to medium.

  5. Mars white eraser

  6. Mechanical 0.5mm pencil w/2B lead

  7. Drawing pencil 4B

  8. 4 PITT pens - 2 each of fine and super fine in black. you can get several sizes if you want.

  9. 1 pad cartooning concept sketch pages

  10. 1 pad cartooning layout pages

  11. 1 comic book art boards pad

  12. Set of at least 24 high-quality colored pencils. NOT crayola or Rose art!

  13. watercolor paints. 9 colors.DOWNLOAD LIST

Some class notes:

• Please wear old clothes if possible.
• Bring your supplies in some kind of bin or carrier to keep them organized
• There is no room at the academy for students to store supplies
• Always bring all of your supplies to class
• Brushes should be kept in something that will prevent their being bent.


C a l e n d a r
• Fri June 5th - 6-9 pm
• Sat June 6th - 4-8 pm
• Sun June 7th - 3-5 pm